Castle Mountain Chalets

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Celebrated as one of the most iconic mountains in the Canadian Rockies, Castle Mountain towers above the Chalets nestled at its base. Located 20 minutes from the town of Banff and 15 minutes from the town of Lake Louise by car, Castle Mountain Chalets is conveniently located in the heart of Banff National Park. With close proximity to major viewing destinations such as Johnston and Marble Canyons, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Stanley Glacier, Silverton Falls, Boom Lake, Red Earth, and the Ice Fields Parkway to name a few, Castle Mountain Chalets is the perfect base to explore all the valley has to offer, with Hiking trails for all levels of fitness available from the edge of the property.

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Hiking around Castle Junction

Visit the Parks Canada website below to find detailed information about hiking in the area,

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Along the spine of the North American continent, the Rocky Mountains poke high into the clouds and blue glaciers cling to their slopes. Green forested valleys provide a vital food source for grizzly bears and other species. This is the Castle Junction area of Banff National Park, a landscape of wonder which has been dubbed the “hiking capital of Canada”. Use the trail descriptions to choose a hike suitable for everyone in your party.

Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

Iconic and stunningly beautiful, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are a must on your Canadian Rockies Tour

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Founded in 1890 as Laggan Station, Lake Louise was once a wild outpost at the end of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today this hamlet, lake and the nearby area offer some of the finest hiking, skiing and site-seeing in the world. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake usually melt by late May. Alpine hiking season begins in late June.

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular destinations in Banff National Park, and for good reason; it is a place of dramatic natural beauty accessible to most.

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Carved steeply into the limestone bedrock by thousands of years of water erosion, the dramatic Johnston Canyon is a must-visit natural attraction in Banff National Park. Overhanging canyon walls, waterfalls, the deep pools of Johnston Creek, and lush forest are sure to leave a memorable impression. And it can all be experienced via an easy hike along smooth trails and catwalks, making it ideal for families and people of all fitness levels and ages.

Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway connects Lake Louise and Jasper, paralleling the Continental Divide through some of the most wild and remote parts of Banff and Jasper national parks.

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Every winding curve of the Icefields Parkway fills the windshield with a new view. Around one bend stretches a vast turquoise lake bordered by lush pine forest. Around another soars a jaw-dropping vista of the Rocky Mountains, the jagged snow covered peaks dwarfing the glaciers in the valleys below. Your attention is drawn back to the road as you slow down to let a group of shaggy mountain goats amble across the highway and disappear into the forest. It’s the most staggeringly scenic road you’ve ever experienced.

Kootenay National Park

Located a short 10 minute drive from Castle Mountain Chalets, Kootenay National Park offer some quieter and stunning views of the Canadian Rockies.

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Enjoy the thrill of the open road on a scenic drive through the Rockies and experience something new around every curve. Stop along the way to explore what the park has to offer. Enjoy backcountry camping on a multi-day trek or relax in one of three front country campgrounds. Soak in the hot mineral waters of Radium Hot Springs. Enjoy a scenic picnic, tour the Burgess Shale en-route to the Stanley Glacier or challenge yourself to a full-day hike with rewarding views. Kootenay National Park has something for everyone!


Nestled high in the Canadian Rockies, the town of Banff is located within the Banff National Park. Once “Siding 29” on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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The town of Banff is a spirited place, alive with adventure and wonder. In all directions you’re surrounded by strikingly beautiful and rugged mountains that seem to burst straight out of the ground. You might see a herd of deer wandering down the main street during your early morning jog. The lively streets of downtown are lined with top-class restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as a vibrant range of art galleries and museums. The locals are warm, open, and genuinely connected to the inspiring environment in which they live. The town of Banff offers you endless options for rejuvenation and exploration every day.